Docky Dock

Docky Dock is the MOST affordable way we know to keep your boat hull clean!

What is it?

DockyDock is an underwater boat hull cover.

Our product is an accessory to protect the boat hull from growth and barnacles, it will cover the boat hull and create an isolation where the water inside the DockyDock is different from the water environment the boat is kept in. This isolation alone changes the properties of the water, making it not suitable for growth.


How it works:

When the water inside the DockyDock is in an enclosure and isolated from the sea water, there will be no oxygen or flow of food, meaning there will be no possibility for any creatures to survive and any new life to flourish. It is similar to a fish tank, if there are no bubbles or food, the gold fish will die, or if you fill a large bucket with sea water and leave it for more than a year in isolation, no growth or barnacles can happen.

DockyDock is not a dry docking solution. Pumping the water out is a possibility and an option and can be beneficial, however, our product is not designed or sold on this basis. The DockyDock is designed to stop barnacle and marine growth by encapsulating the boat. Water can enter the DockyDock through ways such as rain, condensation, waves, humidity, or very small pin size holes that might happen over time. Having water inside the DockyDock will not stop it from doing its job in protecting your boat.


DockyDock Versions:
DockyDock is available in 3 designs:


This is similar to an inflatable boat, rib boat, or a large dingy. The DockyDock will be floating using an inflatable parameter tube, with a tailgate that can lower up and down to give access for the boat to dock in and out. The DockyDock hull is made from 1.2mm thickness woven PVC coated fabric, and the inflatable parameter is made from 0.9mm PVC UVA stable woven fabric, making both fabrics very strong and durable.

There is a total of three air chambers, port, starboard and bow, all secured with British made high quality valves (Leafield valves).



This is similar the inflatable as a design, but instead of inflating the parameter tube, it is filled with specially developed foam inserts to keep the DockyDock afloat. This keeps the DockyDock secure from any accidents or deflations.



The installation of the DockyDock products is easy and straightforward. A hard copy of installation instruction is provided with each order, and we email the client a video to demonstrate the installation process. There is one stainless steel frame to be inserted in the tailgate. The total installation time of the DockyDock is less than one hour to complete for small boats. It is advisable to have two people to do the installation. For the larger boats of 30 FT and above, it is advisable to have three people due to weight of the DockyDock.


We offer 2 years guarantee for any defect from our manufacturing process. However, support is provided throughout the lifetime of a DockyDock.

The DockyDock has no mechanical or electrical functionality and because it is designed to be stationary throughout its life, not much can go wrong with it other than accidents. In case of accidents, we offer full and ongoing support to the client for any parts needed.


Docky Dock Hawaii

Docky Dock Hawaii

Docky Dock Hawaii

Docky Dock Hawaii